Does your child know the whole story of Jesus?
Finally, a children’s book about the return of Jesus! This is the only traditional published resource on the market to teach kids this often-neglected part of truth. 
Be assured that you’re teaching your child the full story of Jesus
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The Tool You’ve Been Looking For
You want to make sure you do all you can for your son or daughter especially when it comes to helping them know and stand for the TRUTH of God’s Word. You’d go to whatever length and you likely do. BUT there has not been a resource to help children know Jesus is coming back. 
Now there isJesus and His White Horse
You don’t have to search and be frustrated anymore.You can tell your children the ending of the story. They can learn that Jesus is coming back. We’ve made it easy for you. 
You will be thrilled to have this resource in your hands. It’s a game changer, there’s something that resonates with kids—knowing the story isn’t over. 
Parents and Grandparents are LOVING this book like Valerie: 
"This book is amazing!! It is for children, but adults also need to know the FULL Gospel message! I learned at age 62 (my current age), since I had never heard the WHOLE message prior to then, even in churches my entire life! This book is beautifully written and illustrated and is the whole scriptural truth of Jesus and His coming Kingdom! Our children, grandchildren, and all adults will be blessed by this book, causing you to explore its message more deeply in scripture. There was never a better time to share this book, than a time such as this!"
and Pastor Randy Scott: 
"I have this book on order, I’ve read the authors other books you will not be disappointed! This brings the word of God to a place where your children can understand completely!"
There’s a Reason Jesus and His White Horse was #1 New Release on Amazon for Two Weeks
  • The ONLY traditionally published children’s book to tell of Jesus’ return.
  • Covers a too often neglected truth.
  • Explains a difficult subject so that children can understand.
  • Navigates around controversial points.
  • Helps you teach your child the whole story. 
  • ​Incredible artwork.
  • ​Parents love it!
  • ​Grandparents love it!
  • ​Kids love it!
  • Churches are buying copies for all their children!
want more proof?
want more proof?
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Hope and Understanding IN
A Guide to Help Children in Difficult Times like COVID-19
Hope and Understanding in Scary Times is a vital tool for parents in this difficult time and any difficult time. After consulting educational, behavioral, and biblical experts we created parent guides and lesson curriculum that help parents help their children strive in difficult times. This 50-page E-book, only available here, features three parent-child conversation guides, three in-depth lessons, and three custom color sheets from illustrator Tyson Ranes. 

Jesus and His White Horse is so helpful in helping parents and teachers tell of Jesus’ return on a level children can understand and enjoy. This free E-book, Hope and Understanding in Scary Times, is meant to be a companion book that connects the story of Jesus’ return to the rest of the Bible stretching all the way back to the Garden of Eden. 

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